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James Penny

Educator and Technologist
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I am an educator and technologist. Over thirty year I have supported educators to make change. This has often involved implementing technology that is focused around improving learning. I have been a teacher of maths and music, led large groups of staff, designed, implemented and managed large education networks, worked in highly commercial environments and presented and written extensively about education and society.

Subjects: Education


I started in life as a musician and composer. After working in a school I decided to make a career in teaching, working with students on maths, music and technology. I was around at the brith of technology in education and have witnessed the fantastic journey from cumbersome desktops to elegant and sleek personal mobile devices. In 1997 I was honoured to join IBM under Lou Gerstner to help roll out a global research programme into technology and education. It was called reinventing Education. The programme touched the lives of tens of thousands of students across the world and we learnt much about systemic transformation in education using technology. Following that work I joined the IBM education team and worked across EMEA supporting various commercial education projects. In 2004 I moved from IBM to design and run a large network for a chain of 27 fee saying schools. We implemented a cross organisational network to share knowledge and resources. In 2008 I did a similar job for a chain of state funded schools in the UK. The Harris Federation continues to be the most successful chain of state funded schools. I designed and implemented one of the first private cloud infrastructures for them that still delvers high quality access to shared knowledge today. In 2014 I joined a medium sized business to help deliver cloud solutions to education and wrote my book. Currently I support schools and organisations to make the most of their data as part of the challenge to help students achieve the very best outcomes they can.

Areas of Research / Professional Expertise

    Education, change management, technology. mobile use in education, learning.

Personal Interests

    Music, learning, technology


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