Ehud Z. Benor Author of Evaluating Organization Development

Ehud Z. Benor

Dartmouth College

Judaism as a religion; philosophy of Judaism; Midrash as divination; Theory of magic.


I teach Judaism in the Department of Religion at Dartmouth College. My work includes: Worship of the Heart, “Meaning and Reference in Maimonides’ Negative Theology,” “Spinoza’s Theory of Religion,” and “Theses on Midrash.” I am investigating categorical interrelations among “religion,” “science,” and “magic.”


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Harvard Theological Review

Meaning and Reference in Maimonides’ Negative Theology

Published: Jul 01, 1995 by Harvard Theological Review
Authors: Benor, Ehud Z

The article argues for a radical interpretation of Maimonides negative theology as striving to secure a valid reference to "God talk" by totally emptying it of meaning. This austerity liberates religion to speak of God symbolically in quest of directing the quest for human perfections (ethical, intellectual, and political).