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Nick Ridley

Visting Lecturer
Liverpool John Moores University

Hello! After graduating in History, I became an intelligence analyst at the Met. Police New Scotland Yard, and then at Europol,in the anti - terrorist unit. Whilst working in intelligence analysis I continued studying and gained postgraduate doctorates. I'm now in academia, formerly teaching at Italian universities, Universita Cattolica in Milan and Teramo University, at London Metropolitan and The Hague University . I'm now a Visiting Lecturer at Liverpool John Moores Univerity.

Subjects: History


At Europol I worked on combating the financing of terrorism. I was also seconded to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) headquarters Washington.

After 11 years at Europol, I became an associate lecturer at the Universita Cattolica in Milan, Italy, teaching courses in intelligence analysis to postgraduate students. I then joined London Metropolitan University as a Senior Lecturer in Policing and Security.

I have been privileged to be a guest lecturer at University of Trento, Italy, Portsmouth University, UK and on anti- terrorism courses at the NATO Centre of Excellence-Defence against Terrorism.

I have also been involved in training police forces in Ruanda and Nigeria

Areas of Research / Professional Expertise

    anti terrorism, anti terrorist financing, international history.


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Latest book - still with insurgencies, -Frederik Hendrik and the triumph of the Dutch Revolt

By: Nick Ridley


and hope all is well with you.

I've completed another book- still on insurgencies!

Frederik Hendrik and the triumph of the Dutch Revolt- compatative insurgencies

This is an account of Fredrik Hendrik, Maurtis; successor in leading the Dutch Republic,leading theDutch Republic through the unsettling,turbulent times in Europe of war and international diplomacy in the Seventeenth Century

Like my previous book, after tracing these developments, this book continues by examining and comparing later nationalist insurgencies in the late twentieth and twenty-first centuries. It analyses and identifies the factors making for successful insurgencies. .

This volume is informative and I hope compelling reading for both practitioners and students studying history, international relations, terrorism and insurgency.

nick ridley, latest book, on insurgencies

By: Nick Ridley
Subjects: History


My latest book, published with Routledge, is

'Maurits of Nassau and the survival of the Dutch Revolt; Comparaitive Insurgences'

It is a historical account of the the Dutch Revolt against the mighty Spanish Empire,and how Maurits and the Dutch fought on and,eventually, the Dutch gained full independence.

It also deals with later revolts and insurgencies and analyses them,and identifies factors of successful insurgencies.