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Catherine Heatherington

Landscape designer and author

My fascination with industrial landscapes began as a child exploring the derelict hulks of boats near my home and the slag heaps of Lancashire with my ecologist grandfather. My research interests focus on how the qualities of derelict sites might be incorporated into the regenerated landscape and responses to this type of design approach. I offer a consultancy service for those interested in the regeneration of brownfield sites and am a practising landscape designer based in London.


My research interests focus on landscape change and continuity in developed brownfield sites. In my PhD, Perceptions of landscape continuity and change, I examine how the qualities of the derelict might be incorporated into the regenerated landscape and the stakeholder responses to this type of design approach and my new book, Reimagining industrial sites: changing histories and landscapes, published by Routledge in 2018, takes these ideas further.
I offer an advisory and consultancy service for developers interested in the regeneration of brownfield sites and I have my own design practice based in London. I have designed gardens and landscapes throughout the UK and in Europe. I am a Fellow and former Vice Chair of the Society of Garden Designers; the leading UK professional body for garden design. I am also the co-owner with Alex Johnson of DesignWild Associates, specialising in designing gardens for wildlife. We formed DesignWild Associates in order to bring together our wide range of experience in both design and ecology to create exciting wildlife gardens in contemporary urban settings.


    PhD Landscape University of Sheffield
    MA Spatial Culture Middlesex University
    BSc Maths University of Bristol

Areas of Research / Professional Expertise

    Research into landscape change and continuity in developed brownfield sites
    Garden and landscape designer



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Landscape Research

Understanding landscape change in a former brownfield site

Published: Oct 10, 2017 by Landscape Research
Authors: Heatherington, C., Jorgensen, A. & Walker, S.
Subjects: Built Environment

The term palimpsest is sometimes used as a way of conceptualising historic cultural landscapes that have been subject to changes. This paper uses an expanded version of the palimpsest concept (a temporal collage intermingling memories with tangible and intangible elements from different time periods across a range of scales) to focus on a former military site on the Thames Estuary, which, after a period of dereliction, has been developed as a bird reserve.

Environment and Planning A

Parkwood Springs – A fringe in time: Temporality and heritage in an urban fringe landscape

Published: Apr 13, 2017 by Environment and Planning A
Authors: Jorgensen, A., Dobson, S. & Heatherington, C.
Subjects: Built Environment

This paper aims to advance the theory and practice of landscape heritage planning, design and management, focusing especially on the question: what are the relationships between landscape narratives – the ways in which we tell the story of a landscape – and landscape heritage outcomes (landscape practice – planning, design, management – based on particular readings of the past)?