Susana  Goncalves Viana Author of Evaluating Organization Development

Susana Goncalves Viana

Founder & CEO
SerutuFutureS Ltd.

My name is Susana and I have had the privilege of working with children, families, and schools for over 20 years in my role as an advocate, mentor, teacher, educational psychologist, and coach. In my work, I have developed specialisms in both emotional well-being and supporting survivors of domestic abuse, and create and run bespoke programmes for children that focus on developing resilience, attachment, self-regulation, growth mindset, confidence, social skills, and the ability to cope.

Areas of Research / Professional Expertise

    Supporting children, young people, families, and schools in the following areas:
    - Resilience
    - Emotional well-being
    - Domestic abuse
    - Bespoke programme creation
    - Creative therapy
    - Coaching
    - Special educational needs

Personal Interests

    - Writing children's fiction
    - Building resilience through creativity (e.g. photography, art, design)
    - Canine health and well-being, and therapy dog training
    - Learning to speak, read and write in different languages
    - Website design and blog creation



Featured Title
 Featured Title - 99 Activities to Nurture - 1st Edition book cover


International Journal of Art Therapy

Creative arts therapies and educational psychology: Let's get together

Published: Dec 21, 2010 by International Journal of Art Therapy
Authors: Irvine Gersch and Susana Goncalves

This paper is based upon a keynote address given at the Conference ‘Crafting the Future’ and includes the findings from a research study carried out by Susana Goncalves, which investigated the views of children about art therapy, and the attitudes of educational psychologists about working with creative arts therapists.