Gregory  Connor Author of Evaluating Organization Development

Gregory Connor

Professor (Emeritus)
University of Illinois Champaign/Urbana

I was a police officer, trainer, and college professor at the University of Illinois Police Training Institute. My areas of expertise include both policing and corrections; force utilization, strategy and tactics, policies and procedures, and contemporary issues. I have authored or co-authored eight texts and nearly one hundred articles. Both State and Federal courts have sought my professional assistance over the past 50 years as an expert witness.


I began my education at Michigan State University in Police Administration in 1967 and policed in Ann Arbor , Michigan from 1967 - 1970.  I was then appointed to the faculty of the University of Illinois Police Training Institute and taught numerous joint courses for both law enforcement and corrections.  These classes were in a wide range of subjects including; the use of force, strategy and tactics, policy designs and deliver, procedural performance,etc.  In 1990 I was selected by the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center to create the first Use of Force Model for all Federal agencies.  The same model or its components are still utilized extensively in our country and in democratic societies throughput the world.  I have written numerous books and articles on such contemporary issues as control tactics, searching procedures, administrative demands, etc.  

Areas of Research / Professional Expertise

    Police and correctional issues relative to body cameras, force utilization, managerial matters, contemporary issues, and performance designs.

Personal Interests

    I still enjoy discussing the direction and design issues relative to policing and corrections and the development of such topics.  


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