Jennifer  deWinter Author of Evaluating Organization Development

Jennifer deWinter

Director of Interactive Media and Game Development, Assoc. Prof. of Rhetoric
Worcester Polytechnic Institute

As a director of a game design program, I approach game studies from my training in the humanities and social sciences and increasingly from a technical practitioner's stance. I have designed games about domestic abuse, ancient Greece, Japanese language in addition to the zany ones I have done. My particular specialty is on Japanese media policies and the Japanese game industry both nationally and internationally. I am the founding co-editor of the Influential Game Designer book series.


Many academic interests are long journeys. I started as an undergrad math major, switched to art, went to Japan to study animation, worked in Japan in education and tech work for a while, came back for a PhD in Rhetoric, and was inspired to focus on games in the early 2000s. While none of it was purposeful at the time, this all makes sense now. I am an associate in research at the Reischauer Institute of Japanese Studies at Harvard University, I direct a game program, I direct two different Japan study abroad programs--one for game and CS majors and one for students working with community partners on short term sponsored projects. I am the founding co-editor of the Influential Game Designers book series, for which I wrote the inaugural book on Shigeru Miyamoto.


    PhD, University of Arizona, 2008

Areas of Research / Professional Expertise

    Japanese popular culture
    Japanese media policy
    Japanese anime, manga, and games
    Game design
    Game production and management
    Game policy
    Technical communication

Personal Interests

    Cheese making
    Urban farming
    Korean dramas
    And all my research areas. I made the terrible mistake of turning my hobbies into research


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