Delia  Chiaro Author of Evaluating Organization Development

Delia Chiaro

Professor of English Language and Translation
University of Bologna

My main research interests lie in the fields of Sociolinguistics, Intercultural Communication and Humour Studies. Throughout my career I have published research on bilingualism, audiovisual translation, food and translation, gender studies but above all, my main area of expertise lies in the role that humour plays in society and so I am currently exploring how we use humour in a variety of digital spaces.


Born, bred and educated in the UK, I have spent my academic career in Italy where I am currently Professor of English Language and Translation at the University of Bologna.
My research interests lie in the area of language and society, especially bi and multi-lingualism; gender and language; the language of eating and food and last, but certainly not least, humour, language and society.

Personal Interests

    Sociolinguistics, socialising and socialism.


Featured Title
 Featured Title - Language of Jokes in the Digital Age - 1st Edition book cover


The Translator

Food and translation, translation and food

Published: Aug 12, 2015 by The Translator
Authors: Delia Chiaro and Linda Rossato
Subjects: English Language & Linguistics, Media and Cultural Studies, Sociolinguistics

Food, the cornerstone of life, lies at the heart of our cultural identity. Vital for our health and well-being, our awareness of its economic, cultural and social significance - how the language of food and related practices travel across languages and cultures cannot be disregarded. This special issue aims to be a truly interdisciplinary reference work that brings together expert scholars writing on food related topics from a translational and intercultural perspective.

European Journal of English Studies

A taste of otherness eating and thinking globally

Published: Mar 19, 2008 by European Journal of English Studies
Authors: Delia Chiaro

This essay reflects upon the contradiction of present day food culture in the UK and especially the tension between the idea of the ‘healthy eating’ of others portrayed in the media, and the ‘junk eating’ reality of the UK.

The Translator

Translational and Marketing Communication: A Comparison of Print and Web Advertising of Italian Agro-Food Products

Published: Mar 19, 2004 by The Translator
Authors: Delia Chiaro

This paper sets out to investigate how the Italian agro-food sector promotes its products beyond the national market. In order to examine the interdependence between medium and message, a corpus of electronic promotional texts for Italian foodstuff is compared and contrasted with a comparable corpus of printed advertising material from specialized magazines in English.