Richard Edward Morehouse Author of Evaluating Organization Development

Richard Edward Morehouse

Emeritus Professor - Psychology
Viterbo University

I am a qualitative researcher who has taught psychology and education courses. I work continue publishing in Philosophy for Children. I have taught undergraduate and graduate courses at Viterbo Univerisity and graduate courses at Saint Mary's University of Minnesota. I have been a Visiting Professor at Glyndwr University in Wales, UK, and a Visiting Scholar at Texas Wesleyan University. My current projects include program evaluation and qualitative research projects.


After a brief stint and a high school teacher, I worked on a variety of federally funded educational program, including an eleven school district Gifter Education Program. I began my university teaching in the School of Education at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse. As I was completed these federally funded programs, I was trained in Philosophy for Children under Matthew Lipman and Ann Sharp.I then worked as director of Cooperative Education and taught several classes in Psychology at Viterbo University. After 28 years teaching in the Psychology Department, including two stints as chair, I retired and took a Visiting Professorship at Glyndwr University. My work in Wales entailed two short visits to the university in the Spring and Fall semesters. I am currently involved with a research object with Saint Pary's Press and do other consulting projects.


    PhD - Union Institute and University

Areas of Research / Professional Expertise

    Qualitative research and evaluation
    Philosophy for Children
    Developmental Psychology

Personal Interests

    Reading and walking
    Local and state politics


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