After graduating from Edinburgh University in 1979 I began an extensive career in education spanning more than thirty years, teaching in both the state and voluntary sectors in Scotland and Wales. As a mature student I completed an MA in Early Childhood Education and Care at Sheffield University focussing on emotional intelligence. Subsequently I moved into further and higher education tutoring and lecturing in early years work. In 2016 I graduated with a Doctorate in Education from Sheffield University. Discovering innovative and creative methodologies, such as autoethnography, led me to explore the complex nature of early years work, including liminal spaces, emotional dissonance and the inner journey of a practitioner.

I am an early years consultant, trainer and lecturer currently working for a local authority in Scotland. I have also pioneered innovative early intervention projects, using the outdoor context, for children from challenging backgrounds. In 2017 I published my first book 'Autoethnography In Early Childhood Education and Care: Narrating the Heart of Practice.' My hope is that other early years practitioners will now follow, adding their voices and narratives to a new and growing epistemological base predicated on experience.

My research interests include: embodiment, emotional intelligence, early intervention, resilience, complexity, emotional labour, liminality, creative methodologies and practitioner wellbeing. My work is predicated on my belief in the powerful ways of the heart, and reciprocal relationships.
Ed.D. Sheffield University, England 2016
Personal Interests
I am passionate about music, gardening, the outdoors, Hebridean islands, crafts, creativity and making the world a better place for our children.