Dominic  Wyse Author of Evaluating Organization Development

Dominic Wyse

Professor of Early Childhood and Primary Education
UCL Institute of Education

The main focus of Dominic Wyse's research is curriculum and pedagogy. Key areas of work are the teaching of writing, reading and creativity. Dominic's most successful book with Routledge is 'Teaching English, Language and Literacy'. Another recent major contribution is published in his book 'How Writing Works: From the Invention of the Alphabet to the Rise of Social Media' (Cambridge University Press).

Subjects: Education


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British Educational Research Journal

Experimental trials and ‘what works?’ in education: The case of grammar for writing

Published: Jan 12, 2017 by British Educational Research Journal
Authors: Dominic Wyse and Carole Torgerson
Subjects: Education

Examines the use of RCTs and other experimental trials in relation to what works in education.