Olga  Gonithellis Author of Evaluating Organization Development

Olga Gonithellis

Licensed Mental Health Counselor
Private Practice

Olga Gonithellis is licensed psychotherapist who specializes in working with artists, performers, and other creative individuals in her private practice in NYC.


Olga was born and raised in Athens, Greece. She studied counseling and clinical psychology at Columbia University and got her license in Mental Health Counseling in NYC. In her private practice she specializes in the mental health of artists, performers, and other creative clients. In particular, she helps her clients manage performance anxiety, low creative motivation, low self-esteem, and stress associated with the entertainment industry. She regularly writes about the topic of psychology and creativity in blogs and mental health publications.

Personal Interests

    When she's not in her office, Olga writes music, records, sings, and sometimes performs.


Featured Title
 Featured Title - Counseling for Artists, Performers, and Other Creative Individuals - 1st Edition book cover