Aksel Tjora moved to Trondheim in 1986 to study computer science, but would after a while find himself spending more time with organisation studies and behind the drumset in various rock bands. After finishing an MSc (siv.ing) in 1991 he worked as a software engineer in Oslo, before returning to Trondheim for a doctoral fellowship in 1993, which was spent on the definitive human-focused switch, finishing MSc and PhD degrees in sociology. After two years as researcher at SINTEF, Tjora has since 1998 been a Professor of Sociology at the Department of Sociology and Political Science, NTNU. From this position he develops research converging in the study of interactional production of community, in a number of areas: within organizations; between users of technologies; within health care delivery; in public space; and in relation to cultural events. Tjora is especially involved in research on social and societal impacts of the Internet and personal technologies. To develop a more elaborate sociological application he gathered a group of students in 2014 to establish the Sociology Clinic, which is maturing as an independent urban hub of sociological creativity and entrepreneurship. Tjora is also reaching out from the ivory tower by questioning societal and political development, in a more evident role as intrepid academic critic.