Khameel  Mustapha Author of Evaluating Organization Development

Khameel Mustapha

Assistant Professor
University of Nottingham

Engineering educator (University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus) Associate Fellow (HEA, UK) Member (The American Society of Mechanical Engineers) Lifetime member (Golden Key International Honor Society)


Khameel is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Mechanical, Materials and Manufacturing Engineering at the University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus (UNMC), and an Associate Fellow of HEA. Prior to joining Nottingham, he held faculty position with Swinburne University of Technology (Malaysia Campus). He received a PhD in mechanical engineering from Nanyang Technological University (Singapore), made possible by a 4-year fellowship from A*STAR. A holder of Graduate Certificate in Learning and Teaching from Swinburne (Australia), his primary research centers on mechanics of microscale structures. But his wider interests encompass computational mechanics  and mechanics of advanced systems (functionally graded materials, sandwich composites, subcellular biological structures, energy materials, and additively manufactured components). Beyond these core research areas, years of teaching has further pushed the boundary of his interest to include engineering teaching philosophy. He is a recipient of UNMC Faculty of Engineering Teaching Excellence Award (2017), Research Excellence Award (2017), and has been twice nominated for the Lord Dearing Award for Excellence in the Learning Environment. He derives joy in teaching, sharing his knowledge and in being a guide for the interpretation of technical knowledge for his students (many of whom are inquisitively tenacious learners that make teaching a thing of joy). He is blessed with a wonderful wife and three kids, the boundless joyfulness of being surrounded by  them is one of life's wondrous blessings.

Areas of Research / Professional Expertise

    Mechanics of composite materials (functionally graded composites, sandwich composites)
    Mechanics of biological structures and energy materials
    Mechanics of additively manufactured components
    Mechanics of small scale structures
    Numerical methods for simulation of mechanical systems (Finite Element Method, Differential Transformation Method)

Personal Interests

    Reading on nature with my family
    Reading on the mathematics of everyday things
    Reflective observations of the world with my family


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