David Graham Kreps Author of Evaluating Organization Development

David Graham Kreps

Lecturer Above the Bar
National University of Ireland, Galway

David’s first love was theatre, as actor and then manager. In 1995 he made the first UK Arts Centre website. Moving into Information Systems in Academia in 2003 his BA Theatre & Arts Mgt was now supplemented with MA Cultural Studies, a PhD Sociology, and later MA Philosophy. In 2020 he left his post as Reader and Associate Dean at University of Salford, UK, to move to Ireland. He is Chair of the International Federation for Information Processing's Technical Committee 9 on ICT and Society.


See http://david.kreps.org for full details of my activities.



Featured Title
 Featured Title - Against Nature: The Metaphysics of Information Systems - Kreps - 1st Edition book cover


European Journal of Information Systems

My social networking profile: copy, resemblance, or simulacrum? A poststructuralist interpretation of social information systems

Published: Oct 19, 2009 by European Journal of Information Systems
Authors: Kreps, David
Subjects: Information Science

This paper offers an introduction to poststructuralist interpretivist research in information systems, through a poststructuralist theoretical reading of the phenomenon and experience of social networking websites, such as Facebook.