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Clare Taylor

Senior Lecturer in Art History
The Open University

Clare’s monograph looks at those who made, hung and chose wallpaper in eighteenth-century Britain. It traces the journey of this newly fashionable material from London to the country, showing how aristocracy, gentry and prosperous professionals gained a taste for wallpaper. The book describes how wallpaper imitated other materials and how the trade worked, exploring British papers alongside Chinese and French through the surviving wallpapers, the houses where they were hung and archival record


Clare is an Historian by training. She went on to study Art Gallery & Museum Studies at Manchester University, and worked as a Curator at galleries and museums in Manchester, Aberdeen, South Wales and with English Heritage. Clare has also lectured Art & Design students at Middlesex and Bucks New University. She completed her PhD on eighteenth-century wallpaper with the Open University in 2009, and joined the University's Department of Art History in 2011. Here Clare contributes to the writing of distance learning materials, most recently ‘Creative interactions: chinoiserie in eighteenth-century Britain’ in Art, Commerce and Colonialism 1600-1800

Areas of Research / Professional Expertise

    Clare is an historian of art and design who works on the domestic interior and in particular on issues around gender, taste and material culture. Her work has appeared in periodicals including The Georgian Group Journal, the Wallpaper History Society Review and Journal of the British Association of Paper Historians. Clare’s work in edited collections includes ‘Painted paper of Peking: Eighteenth-century Chinese papers in Britain c.1918-c.1945’, in The Reception of Chinese Art across Cultures (2014) and ‘Modern Swedish rococo: the Neo-Georgian interior in Britain, c.1920-c.1945’, in Re-Appraising Neo-Georgian Architecture (Historic England, 2016).



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