Deborah  Blaz Author of Evaluating Organization Development

Deborah Blaz

World Languages Department Chair
Angola High School

Deb has taught English and French for over 40 years at the secondary and university levels. She has written 6 books for Routledge/Eye on Education, with 2 in second editions, that discuss active learning, brain research for long term retention, differentiation, assessment strategies, standards-based teaching, project-based learning, genius hour and use of technology. Deb has given workshops and keynote speeches nationally and internationally. Her 3 watch words: Variety, Movement, and Passion!


Deb began teaching as an assistant while living and studying in France in 1970. She has taught elementary students in summer school programs, and has been teaching French (and occasionally English and German) for over 40 years now, at secondary and college levels during the school year. Deb currently teaches French 1-4, with French 3 and 4 as dual credit (college and high school) through Ivy Tech and in the past has also taught AP French.
She has studied French, German, Spanish, Japanese, and a little Italian, Swedish, and Russian.
Deb loves technology and is a Google certified teacher, as well as FlipGrid and EdPuzzle certified. She has created several lessons for the Promethean web site, managed the state IAATF site for several years, ran the Indiana teachers' Instagram site for a week last fall, and participates in many PLN groups on Facebook and on Twitter.
Deb loves giving workshops from coast to coast and overseas and has also done several keynote speeches. She loves teaching, whether students or colleagues.

Areas of Research / Professional Expertise

    Active learning strategies
    Project-based learning
    IPA (Integrated Performance Assessment)
    Technology: Promethean, FlipGrid, Symbaloo, EdPuzzle, and many many others

Personal Interests

    Travel: have taken 16 student groups overseas, in addition to my own personal trips
    Handwork: knitting, crochet, embroidery, quilting and sewing
    Gardening (vegetarian 35+ years)
    Reading, both fiction and nonfiction
    Family and friends



Featured Title
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AATF National Bulletin

Resurrecting the Cadavre Exquis

Published: Nov 17, 2017 by AATF National Bulletin
Authors: Deborah Blaz
Subjects: Education

How to use a traditional strategy to practice verb tenses in French.