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Luigi Gariglio

Luigi Gariglio is an ethnographer. He received his PhD in Sociology at the University of Milan. Now, he works as research associate in Sociology at the University of Turin (I). He was an academic visitor at the University of Oxford, Centre for Criminology in 2014. He published in The Journal of Contemporary Ethnography and in other international journals.

Subjects: Sociology


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Journal of Contemporary Ethnography

Challenging Prison Officers’ Discretion: “Good Reasons” to Treat Courteously Mafiosi in Custody in Italy

Published: Jul 04, 2018 by Journal of Contemporary Ethnography
Authors: Luigi Gariglio
Subjects: Sociology

Prison ethnography has long touched on the central role of prison officers’ discretion. Nowadays, a large number of sociologists and criminologists share the assumption that prison officers have de facto to resort to discretional decisions continuously to be able to translate the law into practice as they go about their job. It outlines four officers’ “good reasons” for cooperating with mafiosi in custody.

 Crime, Media, Culture: An International Journal

Photo-elicitation in prison ethnography: Breaking the ice in the field and unpacking prison officers’ use of force

Published: Jul 04, 2018 by Crime, Media, Culture: An International Journal
Authors: Luigi Gariglio

This paper focuses on the use of ‘photo-elicitation’ interviewing as a method for unpacking prison officers’ use of force. The discussion is based on an ethnography conducted inside an Italian custodial complex that hosts both a forensic psychiatric hospital and a prison.


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Alison Liebling at Luigi Gariglio's book launch in Rome, Italy (8/6/2018)

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