Salman Rafi  Sheikh Author of Evaluating Organization Development

Salman Rafi Sheikh

PhD Scholar
SOAS, University of London

I am Salman Rafi Sheikh. By training, I am a political scientist and my research focuses on the questions of identity politics and ethno-nationalism in the post colonial states, particularly Pakistan. Part of my research also focuses on the (ethnic) composition of the post-colonial state of Pakistan and how this composition has changed over the years.

Subjects: Political Science


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Pashtun Nationalism: Politics and Talibanization

Published: Oct 01, 2016 by Pakistan
Authors: Salman Rafi Sheikh

This paper comparatively examines the two phenomena of Pashtun nationalism and Talibanization. Building upon certain anthropological theoretical models, the paper argues that Talibanization is neither an extension of Pashtun nationalism nor does it altogether lack sociological roots.