David  Harwood Author of Evaluating Organization Development

David Harwood

Independent Veterinary Consultant.

I worked for 30 years as a Veterinary Investigation Officer for the UKs Animal and Plant Health Agency. I specialised in the investigation of health and welfare problems in all ruminants with a particular interest in goats. I am a past president of the British Cattle Veterinary Association, and am currently Chairman of the Goat Veterinary Society. I am a visiting Reader in Veterinary Field Pathology at the University of Surrey Veterinary Faculty.


After qualifying I worked in predominantly farm animal general practice for 10 years when I decided to have a career change and joined the UKs Veterinary investigation service in which I worked for the next 30 years.  My day to day work involved the investigation of farm animal health and welfare problems, by gross post mortem examination, laboratory testing and interpretation, farm advisory visits and discussion with private veterinary practitioners.   This work underpinned the UK veterinary surveillance strategy in a One Health concept.  I was heavily involved from day one in  the BSE outbreak, and in the the 2001 and 2007 Foot and Mouth incursions.  I am now semi-retired but am a visiting Reader in Veterinary Field Pathology at the University of Surrey veterinary faculty.  I am currently an Honorary veterinary surgeon to the British Goat Society, and Chairman of the Goat Veterinary Society.  My autobiography "Rural Tranquillity to National Crisis - a Farm Vets Story" has been published.

Areas of Research / Professional Expertise

    Ruminant health and welfare, particularly infectious diseases, their recognition, management and control.

Personal Interests

    Tennis, golf, gardening, walking and travel.


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