Christopher Bates Doob Author of Evaluating Organization Development

Christopher Bates Doob

Emeritus Professor of Sociology
Southern Connecticut State University

Chris Doob is a sociologist, writer, researcher, and now retired college teacher. He has written books on introductory sociology, social problems, race and ethnicity, social inequality and social stratification, and, most recently, sports. As a result of his research and writing in the sociology of sports, he has become a regular on the nationally syndicated radio talk show Spadora on Sports.

Subjects: Sociology


    B.A. Oberlin College 1962; M.A. Oberlin College 1964
    Ph.D. Cornell 1967

Areas of Research / Professional Expertise

    Research experience has included an investigation of boys’ and young men’s peer-group relations in East Harlem, which provided data for his dissertation, and also a year-and-half-long study of a federally funded agency fighting poverty in Schenectady, NY.  Several articles address the emerging findings from that research.  

    Specialization in social inequality and poverty, race and ethnicity, sports, urban sociology, social problems, introductory sociology, the family, and environmental issues.  He has written books in six  of the specialty areas.

Personal Interests

    Doob has been a volunteer instructor in several adult-education programs, serving on the board of directors for one of them.  Since childhood he has been involved in sports—on the varsity track and soccer teams in high school and a starting midfielder on a successful college soccer team.  In addition, for decades he has run and racewalked regularly, occasionally entering competitions. Any questions, please contact him at [email protected].


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By: Christopher Bates Doob
Subjects: Sociology, Sociology, Criminology and Criminal Justice

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