Sarah Katharina Kayß Author of Evaluating Organization Development

Sarah Katharina Kayß

Consultant for the German Ministry of Defence

Kayß’ research interests lie in the formation and development of military culture, military sociology, civil-military relations and the role of memory in contemporary societies. Her current book "Identity, Motivation and Memory: The Role of History in the British and German forces" explores the identity of British and German soldiers as well as the role that history perception have played in the decision of British and German officer cadets to join the armed forces.


Sarah Katharina Kayß graduated in history and holds a PhD in War and Defence Studies from War Studies Department at King's College London. She was a research fellow at the Centre for Military History and Social Science of the German Forces and lecturer in War and Conflict Studies at the University of Potsdam. In 2019 Sarah was recipient of the ERGOMAS Book Award for her dissertation "Identity, Motivation and Memory" which was published by Routledge in 2018. Sarah works as a consultant for the German Ministry of Defence since 2018.


    PhD, War Studies Department, King's College London
    PhD, Defence Studies, UK Defence Academy Shrivenham
    MA, Modern History, King's College London
    BA, Geschichts-/Religionswissenschaften, Ruhr-Universität BO

Areas of Research / Professional Expertise

    Military sociology, military cultures, Bundeswehr & British Army in the 21st century, European Defence and Security, strategic military cooperations, military recruitment and training, civil-military relations in NATO states, cyber defence and hybrid warfare, cybersecurity, military AI

Personal Interests

    Sarah publishes essays and poetry, writes for blogs, paints pictures and works as a photographer. Her last award-winning poetry collection was published in Munich in 2014. Sarah was editor-in-chief of the bilingual literary magazine "The Transnational" until 2017. Her photographs are featured on CD- and book-covers all around the world. Her essays, poetry and photographs have been published in books and magazines in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Britain, Italy, New Zealand, the USA and Canada.



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 Featured Title - Identity, Motivation and Memory - Kayss - 1st Edition book cover