Lee  Smith Author of Evaluating Organization Development

Lee Smith

Independent Consultant

Lee Smith’s professional life included both technology & developing young graduates. His experience in preparing Personal Development programmes led to a focus on helping young graduates transition from university to find their first career job. Qualifications: Bachelor of Surveying (UNSW). Post graduate Diploma (I.T.C., The Netherlands). Masters of Applied Science (SAIT). The collaboration by the authors this book is to help graduates successfully handle the major challenges of job hunting


Lee’s professional career spanned different levels of government, the private sector and international organisations. It encompassed senior management roles in which both applied technology and development of young professionals was important.
His passion in the area of Personal Development led to coordinating a diverse range of courses including, writing and training to build the personal skills of others. The structure and successes of this programme have contributed to the book. This book encompasses practical wisdom and guidance, Lee has accumulated over 40 years.  
Lee’s commitment to help young graduates successfully win their career jobs is the motivation behind the book.
The collaboration behind the book encompasses the practical experiences of the authors in guiding young graduates towards their first career job. It builds on a life time of experience of both authors from the academic side through to the management side of government and private sectors. It covers both sides of winning a job - from the graduate’s perspective to understanding the prospective employer’s perspective.  The expert advice of other specialists is incorporated to provide valuable inputs. The authors provide the bridge to help you, the graduate, make a positive transition to a new job.
It provides an international perspective on this topic which is critical for all new graduates and young job seekers.

Areas of Research / Professional Expertise

    Personal Development (Personal Growth, Careers,  Families, Parents)
    Technology Development ( Spatial Information Technology)

Personal Interests

    Helping young graduates transition to career employment.
    Developing young people and value systems.
    Teaching migrants English to assist in assimilation to a new country


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