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Uther Charlton-Stevens

Royal Asiatic Society

Uther Charlton-Stevens is a fellow of the Royal Asiatic Society. He is the author of Anglo-Indians and Minority Politics in South Asia (2018), and, more recently, Anglo-India and the End of Empire (2022). Uther earned his bachelor's and doctoral degrees in history from the University of Oxford, and his master's degree from the London School of Economics. Uther spent his childhood in colonial Hong Kong. Born in Ferozepore, his Anglo-Indian father grew up in Bangalore before migrating to England.

Subjects: History, Literature


Uther Charlton-Stevens is an author, historian and Fellow of the Royal Asiatic Society of Great Britain and Ireland. Uther completed his doctorate in South Asian History, with a thesis on Anglo-Indians and Decolonisation, at the University of Oxford, under the supervision of Judith Brown and Francis Robinson. His first book, Anglo-Indians and Minority Politics in South Asia: Race, Boundary Making and Communal Nationalism, was published in 2018 with the Royal Asiatic Society by Routledge UK, with a new edition released in paperback in 2020.

Uther's latest book — Anglo-India and the End of Empire — released in 2022 under contract with Hurst Publishers UK, and planned for co-publication in the United States and India, has been heralded as "a startling new history of a community’s struggle to be heard as Empire waned in India, with echoes for all those of mixed heritage."

Uther's research and writing draws inspiration from his own 'mixed-race' family, including the stories he heard during childhood summer holidays from his Anglo-Indian grandmother of her service as an officer in the Women's Auxiliary Corps (India) during the Second World War, her life and upbringing in colonial South India, and her trip to Kandahar in Afghanistan. Uther's Anglo-Indian father was born in an Army station in Ferozepore, and spent his childhood in Bangalore before migrating to the UK with his two elder siblings and widowed mother.



Areas of Research / Professional Expertise

    History of South Asia and Myanmar/Burma, especially during 1829-1950, with particular emphasis on the political and constitutional position of communal, racial and linguistic minorities. Anglo-Indians, Anglo-Burmans/Anglo-Burmese, Eurasians and other 'Mixed Race' peoples of European colonial empires in Asia. History of 'race' and 'racial thinking', including so-called 'scientific racism', eugenics, colonial anthropology, and the concept of 'racial passing'. Current sociological theory on 'Ethnic Boundary Making', patterns of social closure, and the crossing and policing of group boundaries. Oral History and its methodology. Comparative Mixed Race Studies, including historical and contemporary depictions of peoples of 'mixed race' in film, television and literature.

Personal Interests

    Skiing, Horse Riding, Sailing, Hiking, Animals, Literature, Film, Art, and Political Biography.



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