Elli  Lieberman Author of Evaluating Organization Development

Elli Lieberman

Adjunct Professor
University of Maryland Baltimore County

Elli Lieberman is an Adjunct Professor in Political Science at the University of Maryland Baltimore County and Loyola University Maryland. His research examines the rudiments of deterrence theory in order to increase our understanding of how it works so it could become a reliable tool of statecraft against states, rogue actors, and terrorist organizations. He specializes in international relations, security studies, and the Middle East.


Elli Lieberman is a foreign policy and security researcher, analyst, author, and lecturer. He teaches international relations and the Middle East at the University of Maryland Baltimore County and at Loyola University Maryland. His research interests include deterrence theory, international relations theory, international relations of the Middle East and media and politics. His work on deterrence has been published in Security Studies, the Institute for National Strategic Studies, and in Robert Freedman, Ed., Contemporary Israel: Domestic Politics, Foreign Policy, and Security Challenges, (Westview, 2008). He is the author of Deterring Terrorism: A Model for Strategic Deterrence, (Routledge Contemporary Terrorism Studies, 2018); Reconceptualising Deterrence: Nudging Toward Rationality in Middle East Rivalries, (New York: Routledge, 2012) and Deterrence Theory: Success or Failure in Arab-Israeli Wars? Institute for National Strategic Studies, (The National Defense University Press, October 1995). Dr. Lieberman received numerous awards including a 1995 Social Science Research Council-MacArthur Foundation Research Workshop Award, a MacArthur Scholar award in 1988-89 and the Hillman Award in 1978.

Areas of Research / Professional Expertise

    Deterrence Theory, the Arab-Israeli Conflict, the Proliferation of Weapons of Mass Destruction in the Middle East, US Foreign Policy in the Middle East, and Media and Politics.

Personal Interests

    Hiking and biking, dancing, chess, travel and classic movies.


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