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Aparajita Nanda

Aparajita Nanda, recipient of a Visiting Associate Professorship to the University of California, Berkeley, now teaches at UC, Berkeley and Santa Clara University. Her books include Black California, The Strangled Cry, Romancing the Strange, and Ethnic Literatures and Transnationalism. She has published a number of book chapters and articles in peer-reviewed journals. She is presently working on her book length study, Religious Practices and Ideology in the Works of Octavia Butler.

Subjects: Literature


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Callaloo 36(3):773-788

Power, Politics, and Domestic Desire in Octavia Butler's Lilith's Brood

Published: Jan 16, 2019 by Callaloo 36(3):773-788
Authors: Aparajita Nanda
Subjects: Literature

Recent postcolonial criticism reveals an anxiety in the colonial desire for absolute control. My paper looks at these anxieties that play out in Octavia Butler’s Lilith’s Brood, where Lilith, a genetically mutated human and her human-alien “construct” son, Akin portray how acquired affective ties, within the domestic sphere, could re-write the domestic, a traditional safe space, as a site of radical disruption, which could lead to political aberrations and possibilities of dissent.