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Christopher Michael Norris

Clinic Director & Postgradualte tutor
Norris Health

Dr Christopher Norris is a UK based Physiotherapist. He qualified (MCSP) at Pinderfields college in the UK and gained a Masters degree (MSc) in exercise science from Liverpool University and a Doctorate (PhD) on Lumbar spine rehabilitation. He lectures widely across the UK and Europe and is the author of 12 books on Physiotherapy, Exercise, and Acupuncture. Dr Norris lives on the edge of the Peak national park in England.


Dr Christopher Norris is a UK trained physiotherapist (physical therapist) who specialises in the treatment of sports and soft tissue injuries.  His areas of expertise are the use of rehabilitation, manual therapy, and medical acupuncture.  Qualifying in 1981 he gained a masters degree in exercise science and a doctorate in spinal rehabilitation.  He has postgraduate certification in orthopaedic medicine, manual therapy, medical education, occupational health, and acupuncture.  An active sportsman, Norris is a black belt in the Japanese are of Ju Jitsu and a certified Yoga and Pilates instructor.  His research has been in the areas of Lumbar rehabilitation, clinical testing and posture.  He lectures widely on soft tissue injuries, rehabilitation and medical acupuncture.


    PhD Staffordshire University (2008)
    PG Cert (medical education) Staffordshire University (2006)
    MCSP Pinderfields college (1981)
    MSc Liverpool University (1995)

Areas of Research / Professional Expertise

    Rehabilitation.  Use of strength and conditioning (S&C) is rehabilitation and injury prevention.  Clinical reasoning within musculoskeletal treatment.  Manual therapy.

Personal Interests

    Strength and conditioning.  Jogging.  Yoga.  Playing guitar.



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