Jill L. Ferguson Author of Evaluating Organization Development

Jill L. Ferguson

Founder and CEO; Consultant and Coach
Women's Wellness Weekends; Creating the Freelance Career

I help individuals and businesses exceed their expectations. I'm a multi-business owner and serial entrepreneur. I was a professor and academic administrator from January 1999 until November 2012, and then I started a higher education consulting business that focuses on creative disciplines assessment and accreditation issues. For the past 30+ years, I've been a writer and journalist for major magazines, newspapers and websites, and I'm the author of nine books. .


I've been writing for publication since I was 12 years old, and I started my first business when I was 18. I've continually had a business or a contract gig (even alongside my full-time employment) ever since. I've been published on more than 200 websites, magazines, journals and newspapers, and have written thousands of published pieces. And as of the end of 2019, I will have nine books published plus half a dozen published books for which I've written chapters.

I have taught all kinds of literature; creative, media and business writing; women in management; courses on how to get published; oral communication and mass communications; children's literature; visual communication and many  creative courses for the first year experience that combined.

I'm the founder of Creating the Freelance Career and of Women's Wellness Weekends. I coach clients through book writing and publishing processes. I coach entrepreneurial clients on how to get their businesses up and running. I consult at universities on assessment, accreditation and the arts, and I'm a frequent public speaker at a variety of events.

Areas of Research / Professional Expertise

    Assessment in Creative Disciplines (Visual and Performing Arts, Design, Music, etc.)
    General Education

Personal Interests

    walking the dog
    learning about different cultures
    health and wellness



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