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Geraint D'Arcy

Lecturer in Media Practice
University of East Anglia

Geraint D'Arcy is a Lecturer in Media Practice at the University of East Anglia. He researches theories of design, technology and scenography in film, television and theatre and is published in several areas relating to these fields.


Geraint D'Arcy (1979- ) was born in Bridgend, South Wales.
Geraint attended the University of East Anglia (1998-2001) where he studied English Literature and Drama before continuing a career in technical theatre and stage design in several large UK venues.  In 2005 he began teaching in FE, eventually leaving to pursue a PhD at The University of Glamorgan in 2007.  His PhD Thesis, awarded in 2011, was titled "Towards an Aesthetics of Theatre Technology".  SInce then, Geraint has applied his research and design skills in scenography and theatre technology to several theatre, film and television fields.  He has directed and designed work at Tate Modern ("The Yellow Sound" 2011) and at several UK universities.
He currently lives with his family in a Welsh Valley and works across several courses at the University of South Wales.

Areas of Research / Professional Expertise

    Geraint D'Arcy has published work on theatre scenography and TV and film set design theory. He has run several  practice as research projects relating to the adaptation of prose Spy Fiction and Science Fiction on stage, TV and film.

    Geraint also researches the philosophy of technology using theatre performance and drama as a pragmatic tool, applying this to historical reconstruction work and to virtual reality performance.

    Geraint is currently researching the application of film and television design and theatre scenographic theories to comics, and is working on a live virtual reality performance project using MOCAP and VR.


Featured Title
 Featured Title - D'Arcy - Critical Approaches to TV and Film Set Design - 1st Edition book cover