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Elizabeth Brooker

I am an experienced professional musician, qualified hypnotherapist, EMDR practitioner and neuro-linguistic programmer. I have an MA in Music Psychology from the University of Sheffield and a PhD doctorate from the University of Leeds where the focus of my research was reducing anxiety experienced in music performance.


I am a professional and experienced musician, piano and singing teacher, a certified practitioner in hypnotherapy, EMDR and Neuro-Linguistic Programming.   I have both a music practice and a clinical practice.  I have a PhD in Psychology where the focus of my doctorate was on music performance anxiety in advanced pianists.  My research, which was completed in 2015 is ongoing, and my paper which is open access can be found in Psychology of Music 2018, vol. 46(1) 107-124.  Music performance anxiety:  A clinical outcome study into the effects of cognitive hypnotherapy and eye movement desensitisation and reprocessing in advanced pianists.  My recent book, Transforming Performance Anxiety Treatment Using Cognitive Hypnotherapy and EMDR gives qualitative information through nine case studies of the real life experiences of anxiety in the areas of music, sport and in the work place, and of the revelatory results of the therapies even after a few sessions.  The case studies are informed by years of therapeutic practice and underpinned by academic research.  Published by Routledge  ISBN 978-1-138-61493-2


    PhD (University of Leeds) 2011-2015

Areas of Research / Professional Expertise

    My main area of research is anxiety per se and in the performance arena, looking at the clinical effects of cognitive hypnotherapy and EMDR to alleviate this condition.  I am now writing a paper on the effects of these dynamic interventions on trait anxiety (the general level of anxiety) both post-intervention and longitudinally.

Personal Interests

    Playing and teaching the piano


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