My current research project focusses on "frontier migration" - the move of people, capital, technology and ideas from a "developed" economy to a "developing" economy.
"Highly-skilled" migrants are moving from more “developed” countries such as the US to the “developing” economies of China, India, and South Africa. I ask why these frontier migrants are heading to the “global South,” try and find out what they’re doing there and research the microspaces or "cultural time zones” (CTZs) where they work, live and socialize in their new homes.  My CTZ research led to my interest in urban planning/design, the global middle classes and the “global city.”  I seem to spend an inordinate amount of time in cafes and malls but obviously both CTZs relevant to my research ☺
Links to my other writings can be found on my fascinating website  When the weather is warm, I live in Brooklyn, New York.
PhD, New York University
Areas of Research / Professional Expertise
migration, globalization, cultural, transnational American, Asian, African, urban studies
Personal Interests
Kayaking; watching tennis; hiking; sci fi books/movies/series; watch way too much news - politics is fascinating yet distressing; like to think about making conceptual art projects but hardly ever do any; FITNESS - especially enjoy teaching boxing, bootcamp and dance. Like complex step choreographies but good step instructors are unfortunately a dying breed.