Clara I. Oropeza Author of Evaluating Organization Development

Clara I. Oropeza

English Professor
Santa Barbara City College

This book traces Nin’s literary craft by following the intimacy of self-exploration and poetic expression attained in the details of the quotidian, transfigured into fiction. By digging into the mythic tropes that permeate both her literary diaries and fiction, this work demonstrates that Nin constructed a mythic method of her own, revealing the extensive possibilities of an opulent feminine psyche.


Dr. Clara Oropeza is Professor of English Composition and Literature at Santa Barbara City College. Her research brings comparative mythology to literary studies and cultural theory. She is the author of several essays, most recent "The (Mal)Creation of Food the Monsanto Way: Returning a Mythic Sensitivity to Food Production." She received her BA and MA in English Literature from California State University, Los Angeles and her PhD in Mythological Studies with emphasis in Depth Psychology from Pacifica Graduate Institute.

Areas of Research / Professional Expertise

    Modernism, Latin American literature, literary studies, comparative mythology, and cultural theory.

Personal Interests

    Clara lives, writes, reads and plays in Santa Barbara, California.


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 Featured Title - Anaïs Nin: A Myth of Her Own Oropeza - 1st Edition book cover


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