David Fawcett is a teacher first and foremost.  With over 10 years experience in the classroom, he has taken on many roles including that of a Learning Innovator and Head of Department.  In each of his roles, David has been passionate about developing teachers.  With his interest in educational research, he has run numerous staff training sessions, overseen whole school INSET, and mentored teachers of various years experience.  David has run professional development courses across the UK and Europe, and worked more closely with individual schools to develop the quality of teaching.  He speaks at numerous conferences about how we can all be that little bit better, and runs the largest free teachers conference in south of England (Teaching and Learning Takeover).  David's philosophy is about improving teaching one percent at a time, so we deliver the best lessons possible to our students.

He blogs (rarely) at: http://reflectionsofmyteaching.blogspot.com/
He tweets at @davidfawcett27
De Montfort University
Areas of Research / Professional Expertise
Education and professional development.
Personal Interests
David is interested in all things sport.  He enjoys reading around teaching and learning and working out what works in the classroom.