The early part of David's career was professional acting. Intially working for Nicholas Hytner a master Director who went on to become Director of the National Theatre in London. His work was mainly theatre but I eventually he worked on a TV show called 'Emmerdale' and his career path changed. He began to write more and his work performed in live theatre in England. David then got a role as a storyliner in Hollywood Los Angeles, working on a show called 'NYPD Blue' for another master Director, David Milch. David later moved to Los Angeles permanently and eventually decided to study Psychology full time at a University called 'Antioch' in LA. He then went onto get a licence in the mental health field becoming a 'Marriage and Family Therapist' (MFT) a journey which took 5 years to complete. That meant 3000 supervised hours and two very tough examinations. David then went on to get his PhD. in clincal psychology at Pacifica Graduate Institute in Santa Barbara, studying Jungian methodology and what is known as 'Depth Psychology', more commonly known as 'Analytical Psychology'. At the same time as his storylining work in LA, David began to work with professional football players, helping them develop their craft. His pioneering approach utilised his past skills as an actor to help public performers of all kind be more connected to their craft.
BA Dramatic Arts, Bretton Hall, Leeds University, England.
MA Clinical Psychology, Antioch University, Los Angeles, USA
PhD Clinical Psychology, Pacifica Graduate Institute, USA
Areas of Research / Professional Expertise
David is a specialist in the psychology of football (soccer) and performance. He has worked with diverse performing populations from Olympic Gold medalist athletes and musicians, helping them perform more effectively. He is also committed to work for free with people who have little, helping them connect to spiritual aspects of themselves teaching meditation or applied pscyhology.
Personal Interests
David has written articles on the history of art in warfare and is a member of the Venice Historical Society. He has a love for animals and the rights of animals and welfare.