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Art Ted Weinstein

Professor of Marketing
Nova Southeastern University

ART WEINSTEIN, Ph.D., is an internationally known expert in: 1) B2B market segmentation, and 2) designing and delivering customer value. He has consulted for some of the leading technology companies in the world such as Bayer Diagnostics, Citrix Systems, Cordis Corporation (J &J), Hewlett-Packard, Intel, Motorola, and Novartis/Sandoz. In addition, his customer-centric solutions have been sought by publishers, service firms, universities, and trade associations. Contact: [email protected]


    Ph.D. Marketing

Areas of Research / Professional Expertise

    Customer Value
    B2B Segmentation
    Entrepreneurial Marketing Strategy


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 Featured Title - Superior Customer Value, 4e: Weinstein - 1st Edition book cover


Superior Customer Value in the Now Economy blog (Subscribe - FREE)

By: Art Ted Weinstein
Subjects: Business, Management and Accounting


This marketing blog is all about the customer! It is based on research by Art Weinstein from the book SUPERIOR CUSTOMER VALUE - FINDING AND KEEPING CUSTOMERS IN THE NOW ECONOMY (Routledge, 2019). Topics include the digital economy, customer-centricity, business models, value propositions, segmentation, service, quality, pricing, image, CRM, metrics, loyalty and retention. Expert contributors offer related insights/best practices. Your thoughts and customer value experiences are welcomed.

SUPERIOR CUSTOMER VALUE - Book Review: Journal of Marketing Communications by Dr. Donovan A. McFarlane

By: Art Ted Weinstein
Subjects: Business, Management and Accounting

ABSTRACT:  Customer value, technology, and Now Economy challenges and opportunities are providing today’s businesses with innovative ideas and new business models to design, create, add, and deliver value to their customers and other stakeholders. As today’s business organizations grapple with the hypercompetitive marketplace and marketspace while facing segments of more demanding, sophisticated and hard-to-please customers, they must ensure that they master both purpose and process as they streamline activities to meet or beat the competition in creating and delivering top-notch service and quality to customers. Among the elements of customer value (S-Q-I-P: service, quality, image, and price), Art Weinstein contends that the service factor must reign supreme in a service-dominant economy and that companies must seek to deliver the highest level of service by having a customer-centric philosophy that drives business decisions. Designing and delivering superior customer value goes far beyond this, and Art Weinstein clearly understands and expresses this in his book, Superior Customer Value: Finding and Keeping Customers in the Now Economy (Fourth Edition). In examining his work, we will see that Art Weinstein not only provides us with veritable templates but also plans, programs, examples and guidelines on how to find and keep customers in the Now Economy.

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