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Alison Woolley

Seeds of Silence

Rooted in feminist theology and practical theology, Alison's work explores the value and impact of practices of silence or meditation as a spiritual discipline in the faith lives of contemporary Christian women. Using qualitative research methods from the social sciences, feminist principles of research design, and in depth interviews in particular, she also investigates the place of silence in research interviews and throughout the research process.

Subjects: Religion


Alison is Director of the Seeds of Silence project which offers training and workshops to encourage the development of practices of silence, or meditation. She established this work in 2016 following the completion of her PhD at the Queen's Foundation for Theological Education, University of Birmingham in 2015, supervised by Professor Nicola Slee. Rooted in feminist and practical theologies,  her qualitative research investigated the value, construct and impact of chosen practices of silence in the faith lives of contemporary Christian women. Alison combines this role with her work as a spiritual director/accompanist and her work as a music therapist with young people with Complex Learning Difficulties and autism, in which she has more than twenty years experience.

Alison lives in Bradford, West Yorkshire, UK, with her partner and their cat, Maiya.

Areas of Research / Professional Expertise

    Christian practices of silence and meditation, feminist theology and practical theology (feminist practical theology), interdisciplinary perspectives on silence.

    Qualitative research methodology, with a particular interest in in-depth interviews and exploring the role of silence at all stages of the research process, from research design through interviews, transcribing and analysis to the re-presentation of data.

Personal Interests

    Photography, 5Rhthms dance, poetry, visiting art and photographic galleries, walking in the Yorkshire countryside, playing squash, watching contemporary dance, world cinema, tennis, ice skating and rugby union.


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