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Martin Carver

Martin Carver is professor emeritus at the Department of Archaeology, University of York. He was an army officer for 15 years, a freelance archaeologist for 14 years, Professor of Archaeology for 22 years and editor of Antiquity for 10. He has dug in England, Scotland, France Italy and Algeria, famously at the royal burial ground at Sutton Hoo and the Pictish monastery at Portmahomack (NE Scotland). He is dedicated to the Dark Ages - 5th to 11th century - and is currently working in Sicily.

Subjects: Archaeology, History


I got interested in the 'Dark Ages' - the first millennium AD - when I was in the army and retired at the age of 33 to dig it up and write about the period full time. It proved to be anything but dark as there were sites everywhere and as a free lance I dug in Durham, Worcester and Stafford before being appointed to direct new excavations at Sutton Hoo.  At 45 (to my amazement)  I found myself a professor of archaeology at York and stayed there 22 years teaching writing and digging in Scotland, France and Algeria. Now I am in Sicily exploring the lives of farmers and merchants and their families  under a succession of regimes- Byzantine, Islamic, Norman and Swabian- together with Italian colleagues. I have 6 children and live in East Yorkshire with the editor and translator Madeleine Hummler.  For more about us see my website at

Areas of Research / Professional Expertise

    The early middle ages 5th to 13th century in Europe and in Britain (where I am calling this period 'Formative'). I love digging and have written a book about it published by Routledge (Archaeological Investigation).  I was the first secretary of the Institute of Field Archaeologists, and am no learning about biomolecular archaeology with colleagues at BioArCh in York.

Personal Interests

    People, poetry, painting, playing the flute, travelling


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