Dr Anastasia Denisova (Ph.D. University of Westminster, M.A. City University London) is a lecturer in journalism at University of Westminster. She is part of CAMRI (Communication and Media Research Institute). Anastasia's research interests include viral cultures, online memes and digital journalism. She has authored a book Internet Memes and Society (2019) and published several academic articles on memes, social media and politics.


Denisova, A. (2019, forthcoming) Internet Memes and Society. London: Taylor & Francis.

Denisova, A. and Herasimenka, A. (2019, forthcoming). How Russian Rap on YouTube Advances Alternative Political Deliberation: Hegemony, Counter-Hegemony and Emerging Resistant Publics, Social Media + Society.

Denisova, A. (2017). Parody Microbloggers as Chroniclers and Commentators on Russian Political Reality. Demokratizatsiya: The Journal of Post-Soviet Democratization, 25(1), 23-41.

Denisova, A. (2017). Democracy, protest and public sphere in Russia after the 2011–2012 anti-government protests: digital media at stake. Media, Culture & Society, 39 (7), 976-994.

Denisova, A. (2014). How Vladimir Putin’s divorce story was constructed and received, or When the President divorced his wife and married the country instead. M/C Journal, 17(3), June-2014.

Karatzogianni, A., Miazhevich, G., & Denisova, A. (2017). A Comparative Cyberconflict Analysis of Digital Activism Across Post-Soviet Countries. Comparative Sociology, 16(1), 102-126.
PhD University of Westminster
Areas of Research / Professional Expertise
Viral cultures, digital journalism, intersection of politics and popular culture, Twitter studies, digital media and their role in media discourse and politics.