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Chloe Lynch

Dr Chloe Lynch is Lecturer in Practical Theology at London School of Theology. After qualifying as a City lawyer, she spent ten years working in church leadership and now, alongside undergraduate teaching and research supervision, Chloe is continuing her own research in leadership and in spiritual theology.


Chloe is both academic and practitioner. At London School of Theology, she lectures and writes within Practical Theology, with interests including pastoral leadership, preaching and spiritual theology. Within the local church context, she is committed to living what she teaches, having spent a decade in church leadership and now offering her time to the wider church in preaching, teaching and mentoring emerging leaders.

Cambridge University gave Chloe her first degree, a Masters in Law, and was where she met her husband.  Some years after qualifying as a solicitor in a ‘magic circle’ City practice, she left the City to pursue theological training alongside her leadership role with a young church in West London.

Chloe’s doctoral thesis engaged Ray S. Anderson’s theology of incarnation in the context of church leadership.  Her book, Ecclesial Leadership as Friendship, is published in Routledge’s ‘Explorations in Practical, Pastoral and Empirical Theology’ series.  Chloe has also published a number of academic articles on topics including leadership and ecclesiology.  Details of these can be found at  She has also written various devotional materials and blogs on leadership and spirituality at



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