Tze-Chuen  Toh Author of Evaluating Organization Development

Tze-Chuen Toh

Research Director
Centre for Mathematical Research and Modelling

I am the founder/owner and Research Director of the Centre for Mathematical Research and Modelling company. I was awarded my PhD in theoretical physics (quantum gravity) by the Australian National University, and I received First Class Honours in Mathematics (BSc) from the University of Queensland, Australia. Currently, I work for Great Western Bank as a Business Intelligence Developer involving in data mining, predictive modelling, mathematical simulations and research in economics.


I currently work in the Finance Industry as a Business Intelligence Developer involving in data mining, predictive modelling and research in monetary economics.  I have over a decade of experience in the computer technology industry, working as a product development engineer (system board development & performance modelling), electromagnetic compatibility design engineer and regulatory compliance engineer, and finally, as an electrical engineer involved in mathematical modelling and electromagnetic modelling/simulation.
I currently run a technology consulting company that provide the following services:
(i) technology/patents consulting, mathematical modelling & simulation for R&D organisations and data analytics
(ii) pure research in mathematical physics and economics
The details of my peer-reviewed scientific publications can be found in
and I am also a peer-reviewer for three internationally recognised scientific journals on electromagnetic theory.

Areas of Research / Professional Expertise

    (i) Quantum gravity and gauge theory
    (ii) Foundational quantum theory/quantum field theory
    (iii) quantum computing/information theory (holomonic quantum computing)
    (iv) electromagnetic theory/RF digital design/Electromagnetic compatibility design/dielectric breakdown
    (v) general relativity
    (vi) game theory with applications in economics

Personal Interests

    Research in the following fields:
    1) quantum gravity/gauge theory
    2) foundational quantum theory/quantum field theory
    3) general relativity/differential geometry
    4) quantum computing/quantum information theory
    5) game theory/quantum game theory
    6) monetary economics and the mathematical foundations of economics
    The primary focus of my research lies in (1), (2) & (6)



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