Matthew A. Sears Author of Evaluating Organization Development

Matthew A. Sears

Associate Professor of Classics & Ancient History
University of New Brunswick

I'm a scholar and teacher of ancient Greece and Rome. I work at the University of New Brunswick, and earned my PhD from Cornell University. I write for academic journals and presses, but I also muse about ancient history in outlets like "The Washington Post" and "Maclean's Magazine." The best part of my job, by far, is having the privilege to walk the ancient battlefields of Greece and to remember those who fought, killed, and died so long ago.


I was going to study biochemistry. At least that's what I signed up for as an undergrad. The problem was, that first term "Gladiator" was in theaters, and some friends of mine were taking elective courses on ancient Greece and Rome, so I decided to join them. After my first year, I switched into an Arts program and dove into Classics head-first, studying ancient history, and Greek and Latin language. After my second year, I was fortunate enough to take a travel study program in Greece, and I was hooked. From then on, when anyone asked me why I was studying Classics, and why I intended to get a PhD, I would always answer that I wanted to find a way to go to Greece as much as possible. So far, that plan was worked out quite well -- I lived in Greece for a year in grad school, and have made it back almost every year since, either undertaking my own research or leading students around sites and monuments as I teach them about the Greeks at war. I really believe that the Greeks still have much to teach us (sometimes giving lessons in what NOT to do). It doesn't hurt that we can encounter them while enjoying a nice spread of mezedes and wine while overlooking the Aegean Sea. Living in snowy eastern Canada, thoughts of the Mediterranean are what get me through the winter.

Areas of Research / Professional Expertise

    I write and teach about ancient Greek politics, society, and culture; ancient warfare; monuments and commemoration; and Greek and Latin historiography.

Personal Interests

    I'd like to think I'm a decent guitar-player. I know I'm a good dog-walker, or at least my black lab thinks so. My wife and I love taking our kids to new places. I've always enjoyed a good escapist novel, and lately I've become a fan of mid-20th-century SciFi (Bradbury, Asimov) and the graphic novels of Alex Ross.



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