Jane  Orton Author of Evaluating Organization Development

Jane Orton

Melbourne Graduate School of Education

I am an Honorary Fellow at the University of Melbourne, where I was director of the Chinese Teacher Training Centre, a national research and professional development centre for Chinese language teaching in Australia, from 2009-2015, and where, prior to that, I coordinated Modern Languages Education for 15 years. I have researched and published widely in the learning of Chinese as a Second Language, in Chinese teacher education and in intercultural relations. I am a CASLAR Board member.


In addition to my studies and interest in Chinese, I am a fluent speaker of French and have studied German, Italian and Spanish as well. I have lived and worked for at least two years in each of France, the US and China.
I am currently working as a consultant in a number of bilingual immersion English-Chinese primary schools and one primary-secondary cluster. I am researching issues in developing Chinese Content and Language Integrated Learning (C-CLIL) and have been writing about that as well.

Areas of Research / Professional Expertise

    I am interested in the practice of teaching and learning and the actual learning tasks set by the challenges of specific second languages for speakers of specific first languages. I am also especially interested in the development of oral skills and in intercultural communication.

Personal Interests

    Bush walking, cross country skiing (though less these days!) Travelling


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