Dr Dain Bolwell is a polymath with a wide range of interests. After starting university in nuclear physics and then studying philosophy and psychology, he returned to academia several years ago, completing an honours thesis on a global minimum wage, and a PhD on technology and sustainability, while researching political articles for journals and the media. Dain is a former international consultant, author and editor with particular expertise in labour and development fields, with the United Nations and other organisations in Europe, Africa, Asia and the Pacific. He is a keen sailor, motorcyclist and opera lover.

He has lived and worked in Kiribati for the International Labour Organisation (ILO), in France and in East and West Africa for Public Services International (PSI) and in Geneva and Cambodia for the United Nations (UN).

He has also on a collective bargaining project in Xiamen, China, and on labour law reform in Cambodia. He was Manager for UN Communications in Cambodia, author of publications for the ILO Geneva on pro-poor tourism and completed a consultancy in Liberia (West Africa) on tripartite strategic planning.

He is the author or editor of many ILO, PSI and UN publications including the labour impact of World Trade Organisation agreements, on health and on fiscal policy, and in relation to the informal economy. He is the author of the 2004 ILO Cambodian Trade Union Survey and the ILO issues paper for the 2005 Cambodian Labour Law Review.

Dain returned to Tasmania in 2010 and after managing a political election campaign recommenced study, research and tutoring at the University in 2012.
BA (hons), Grad cert research, PhD, University of Tasmania
Areas of Research / Professional Expertise
+ the factors and politics of sustainability
+ technology governance
+ robotics and artificial intelligence
+ nuclear generation of electricity
+ glyphosate and other herbicides
Personal Interests
Dain is a keen sailor, having sailed in the Pacific, the Skagerrak in Scandinavia, and in the Australian eastern seaboard.  He is a motorcyclist - with a liking for V-twins - and he is an opera lover as well as a fan of several musical genres, including country blues and swing. His favourite cuisines are French and Japanese along with the emerging Tasmanian locavore food culture. He is also an author of the ecological romance 'Sigh of the Southern Ocean'., and he paints classic-styled murals in home interiors.