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Tobias Heussner

Saber Interactive

I´m a Christian and Senior Game Content/Narrative Designer, Producer, and Writer. I´ve been working for over 20 years in the game industry and along with my teams, I´ve successfully developed and published more than 20 titles including the award-winning AAA RPG Drakensang, the Action-RPG Drakensang Online, and NBA Playgrounds. I worked in various design roles and led teams as a designer as well as a producer. My personal website and resume can be found at


I'm a Game Content/Narrative Designer, Producer, and Writer. Currently, I work as a Lead Producer/Production Director for Saber Interactive in Spain. My areas of expertise are Game Content Design (including Narrative Design, Quest/Mission Design and Level Design), Game System Design (including Game Mechanic Design, Combat Design, and Encounter Design) and Game Production.

I've been involved in professional game development for over 20 years, worked in different design and management roles and have been involved in the development of over 20 different, published titles, including top-sellers like Paws&Claws: Pet Vet, the AAA-RPG The Dark Eye - Drakensang, the AAA-Browser-MMO Action-RPG Drakensang Online, and NBA Playgrounds.

Together with Toiya Kristen Finley, I led and organized the Game Writing Tutorial
at GDC Online as Co-Coordinator and I'm also involved as member of the board, chair of the Special Interest Group Game Writing from the International Game Developers Association (IGDA)

Besides my work as a professional in the video game industry, I enjoy writing screenplays and novels. My personal focus is on strong character-based stories in the real world and fantasy scenarios and on sharing my faith in Jesus Christ and his gospel, which I consider being the most important message that exists in our world.

Telling stories and inventing games was kind of always part of my life, even if I at first didn't consider a career in this field. It started with the early beginnings when I bothered everyone as a child with my invented board games and developed to the professional discussions about story flows and implementations in the recent past.

With my books I hope to share the important truth I learned, I hope to inspire and to encourage.

God bless you

Areas of Research / Professional Expertise

    Game Development, Game Design, Narrative Design, Fiction Writing, Storytelling, Game Production, Team Management



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