Shaohua  Zhan Author of Evaluating Organization Development

Shaohua Zhan

I received Ph.D. in sociology from Johns Hopkins University and is currently an assistant professor of sociology at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore. I study land politics, food security, and migration, with a focus on China.


I received my doctoral degree in sociology from the Johns Hopkins University in 2013 and worked at both the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences and the State University of New York at Binghamton. My research interests include labor migration, the hukou system, rural development, land issues, food security, urbanization and state-society relations, with a focus on China. I have been trying to extend my research in two directions. One is to examine the historical roots of China’s contemporary development problems from a long-term perspective. My book compares post-reform rural change and 18th-century economy and society during the Qing dynasty. The other direction is to examine the global dimensions of China’s internal issues and bring out the relationship between its domestic dynamics and international strategy.


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