Stavit  Sinai Author of Evaluating Organization Development

Stavit Sinai

Sociologist; Lecturer in Philosophy

Dr. Sinai is a scholar working in the field of sociology of knowledge and postcolonial studies. She earned her doctoral degree in the Department of History and Sociology at Konstanz University. Her paper, "Self and Otherness in Israeli Sociology" was awarded the Junior Scholar prize by the International Sociological Association (Japan, 2014). She is based in Berlin, Germany, where she teaches classical Greek philosophy. Sinai is also an anti-apartheid activist.

Subjects: Philosophy, Sociology



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 Journal of Classical Sociology [In print: Volume 20 Issue 4, November 2020]

The analytical incoherence of the multiple modernities thesis

Published: Jul 31, 2019 by Journal of Classical Sociology [In print: Volume 20 Issue 4, November 2020]
Authors: Stavit Sinai
Subjects: Sociology, Philosophy

The article offers a critique of the multiple modernities thesis which challenges Eisenstadt’s understanding of diverse cultural contexts and their localized institutional constellations on account of its dualistic division into two levels: the intangible (ontological visions or culture) and the tangible (structure or system) by which it seeks to account for the plurality of modern societies.


Sociology and Settler-Colonialism - Join my talk at the IV ISA Forum of Sociology

By: Stavit Sinai
Subjects: Sociology, Sociology, Criminology and Criminal Justice

Hi fellow sociologists!

You are all welcome to join my talk about Sociology & Settler-colonialism and my book at the upcoming #Isaforum2021 

See you at the conference! 

Sociological knowledge is the product of the epistemological conditions under which it is constructed. It bears the potential of reproducing categorical distinctions that reflect structural inequalities, just as it has the power to deconstruct existing hegemonies by means of critical inquiry.

The talk investigates the relationships between sociology and settler-colonialism/apartheid, and raises the question of what validity can be attributed to the study of societies in the context of maintaining domination through institutionalized oppression over colonized populations?

An examination of S. N. Eisenstadt’s multiple modernities thesis shows that despite the attempt to provide a cosmopolitan, inclusive, comparative conceptualization of modernity, the empirical application of the thesis to the case of Israel not only reproduces ethno-essential distinctions which govern the Zionist political culture but also turns to a denial of the very colonial premise on which this culture is based. Analyzing the multiple modernities thesis with regards to the national social imaginaries in which it developed exemplifies the Janus-faced character of historical sociology and furthers a discussion about the urgency of decolonizing the social sciences.

Now in print: My paper at the Journal of Classical Sociology

By: Stavit Sinai
Subjects: Philosophy, Sociology & Social Policy, Sociology, Criminology and Criminal Justice

My paper The analytical incoherence of the multiple modernities thesis was recently published in Vol 20, Issue 4, 2020 of the Journal of Classical Sociology and is now available in print. 

The analytical incoherence demonstrates my scholarly approach, where I criticize contemporary social theories, such as the dominant multiple modernities thesis, through the lens of classical philosophy. In applying Aristotle's critique of Plato's metaphysical scheme, I expose current errors in contemporary social thought. In short: The social science can't reinvent the metaphysical wheel. 

You are welcome to read and comment on the paper in the link below or to send me a request for a copy.