Julie  Lunn Author of Evaluating Organization Development

Julie Lunn

Lecturer in Practical Theology
Nazarene Theological College

I teach practical Theology at Nazarene Theological College in Manchester. One of my key areas of interest and research is spirituality. My PhD research was in the area of Charles Wesley studies and particularly the theology and spirituality of his poetic texts. My book, 'The Theology of Sanctification and Resignation in Charles Wesley's Hymns' is an adapted version of my PhD thesis. I am currently researching in the area of how women articulate faith through spiritual writing.

Subjects: Religion


I am a lecturer in Practical and Social Theology at Nazarene Theological college.  As well as my teaching responsibilities I supervise student dissertations at Undergraduate and Postgraduate level and I co-supervise PhD students.  
I am currently working on a project which is exploring how women articulate faith, drawing both from historical sources and contemporary ones.  The contemporary element of the project analyses accounts submitted by women from their personal spiritual journals or blogs.  

Areas of Research / Professional Expertise

    My areas of research and teaching are primarily in Practical Theology.   I teach various aspects of Christian spirituality, pastoral theology and ministry, and theological reflective practice.  My PhD research was in the field of Charles Wesley studies, particularly focussing on the spirituality and theology evident in his poetic texts.  This research is the basis for my book, 'The Theology of Sanctification and Resignation in Charles Wesley's Hymns'.

Personal Interests

    I am particularly interested in art and have written icons for a number of years.  I am currently exploring glass fusing and ceramics.  I co-teach a module in Theology and Art and enjoy the practice as well as examining the theology and spirituality communicated through works of art.


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 Featured Title - The Theology of Sanctification in the Hymns of Charles Wesley: Lunn - 1st Edition book cover