Margaret Valerie Branscombe Author of Evaluating Organization Development

Margaret Valerie Branscombe

Literacy Intervention Teacher
Esher Learning Trust

Dr Margaret Branscombe works as a Literacy Intervention Teacher at a secondary school in the south east of England. She applies her research in embodied teaching and learning to her work with students who need extra support with reading and writing.

Subjects: Education


Margaret Branscombe is an experienced literacy teacher who has taught primary, secondary and undergraduate students. In 2015 she graduated with a PhD in Literacy Studies and a research focus in drama as a tool that enhances literacy across the curriculum, including the reading and comprehension of informational texts. In her previous role as a drama practitioner she worked in schools and youth centres and even with a team of particle physicists to assist them with integrating drama into their workshops for students who are visually impaired.

Areas of Research / Professional Expertise

    Using the body to learn. She uses drama as an embodied tool for engaging students with content across the curriculum and providing a purpose for reading and writing activities.

Personal Interests

    She is interested in using drama with students who are disengaged with the traditional academic curriculum and are motivated by an active, i.e. embodied approach, to learning. She is also interested in the use of drama with informational texts.


Featured Title
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