Carole Anne O'Reilly Author of Evaluating Organization Development

Carole Anne O'Reilly

Senior Lecturer in Media & Cultural Studies
University of Salford, UK

I am a historian of print and urban culture. My research is focused on aspects of urban life - on green spaces and urban recreation and how urban spaces mediate social life. I am also interested in the relationship between print cultures (principally newspapers and periodicals) and life in the city. I have examined how newspapers present and explain city life to theri readers and how the profession of journalism has evolved within an urban setting.


I was born in the Republic of Ireland where I studied and worked until 1993. I then moved to Manchester UK to work at the University of Salford, where I teach media and cultural studies.

Areas of Research / Professional Expertise

    I have two main areas of research:
    - history of parks and public leisure
    - history of newspapers and newspaper journalism.
    I have published widely on both areas.

Personal Interests

    Reading, walking, local history and heritage