After graduating with a social science degree from Bristol University in 1972, Roy spent several years as a social and community worker in Bristol, before becoming a Trade Union Studies college lecturer for over twenty years. An enduring interest in craftwork, inspired by my parents, then led to his becoming first an amateur, then a professional, willow basketmaker, for a further twenty years before retiring in 2016. He has had a long-term interest and involvement with Latin America, including spending a year in Bolivia and Peru in 1990/1991. In 2014 he embarked upon a PhD to fulfil a long-held desire to translate a Latin American novel into English, and to reflect on the art and process of literary translation. As part of his PhD he translated the novel Gracias por el Fuego by the Uruguayan author Mario Benedetti (1965) into English, which is as yet unpublished. He completed his PhD in 2017 and is now pursuing postdoctoral research into the potential uses of technology in literary translation. He is also planning to co-translate a book of short stories by the contemporary Bolivian author Edmundo Paz Soldán, Desencuentros (2018), with Nick Caistor, an experienced literary translator.
PhD in Literary Translation, 2017
Areas of Research / Professional Expertise
Corpus linguistics, corpus stylistics, narratology, text-visualisation, Translation Studies, teaching undergraduate Spanish-English translation
Personal Interests
I play the Spanish guitar and the panpipes. I have been a student of Ki Aikido since 1991, and a teacher since 2000, currently holding the rank of 6th Dan.